1. What will I learn in the course? Health and safety, Designing different types of hairlines (receded, edge up), Creating a variety of naturally soft and defined hairlines, how to build density session by session, how to choose the right tones/dot size and impression for each individual skin type. how to hold effective consultations, how to repair bad work, a full guide to marketing, scar camouflage, blending – and much much more. In order to make the most of trainee’s time with us – the workshop is always customized to each trainee’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  2. What does the full support after training consist of? The end of your time with us does not mean the end of training. You will be equipped with all the necessary foundations to perform high-quality treatments and run a successful SMP business. But you will continue to learn and we will be with you whenever you need our help. We can help with any advice you need on a particular client, an unusual case study, feedback on a treatment you have completed, or anything at all to do with running your business.
  3. Is one-on-one training or group training the better option for me? For most people, one-on-one is always the better option. Our trainer can dedicate the full-time of the workshop to you and you only. However, our monthly training groups are usually fully booked and consist of a variety of people in similar situations and backgrounds and trainees can often learn a lot from eachother