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Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-08T15:03:40-06:00
What kind of ink is used for Scalp Micropigmentation?2019-01-16T21:48:12-06:00

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How much does SMP cost?2019-01-08T15:21:35-06:00

Prices are determined by how much work needs to be done in order to achieve the look that you want, the size of the area that needs to be covered and if there are any scarring. Our prices range from $900-$3800, with most treatments falling somewhere in the middle. In certain circumstances, your treatment may cost less or more. We offer free in-office consultations in order to determine how much your own treatment will cost. See more:

How does SMP for Women differ to Male?2019-01-02T21:16:11-06:00

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Who will perform my Scalpp procedure?2019-01-02T21:12:09-06:00

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Does it hurt?2019-01-02T20:04:17-06:00

We have had clients fall asleep and others that have required a few breaks. For the vast majority, clients are surprised at how little it hurts (especially when compared to a regular tattoo!) Any pain is rarely overwhelming and our Technicians have a variety of ways to help our clients remain comfortable.

Skin type plays the biggest factor in pain level, followed by the area that we are treating and a client’s natural pain tolerance. Many clients find that bringing earphones and listening to music throughout the procedure will help them relax.

Is SMP a form of Tattooing?2019-01-02T20:04:08-06:00

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